YIYE TECHNOLOGY is committed to the innovation of marketing automation,
focusing on creating multi-channel marketing system for enterprises
& Serving BMW, HUAWEI,,,, Ctrip and other well-known enterprises

Email Marketing

Self-developed email sending engine,
Up to 98% of email delivery rate;
Detailed data reports to freely track each click;
Precise positioning on user’s region, activity,
Client for accurate delivery


Mobile Marketing

Triple play of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, Sending SMS to user's mobile phone in "seconds";
Direct connection to SMS gateway, safe and stable, instant available;
Industry General-purpose API interface to facilitate connecting CRM, ERP and other platforms


APP Push

A variety of push options, integration of Android
and iOS for unified push;
No development costs, fast integration to push SDK
in three minutes;
Multi-dimensional effect statistics for intuitive tracking
on push effect

10 Years of digital marketing
service experience


One-to-one professional customer service
7*24 hours service


More than 20 industry fields
Good reputation


Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing

Efficient management of multi-channel online marketing activities, ensuring the artificial repetitive tasks and processes to be implemented through the automated system


Thousands of companies’ choice


Serving more than 20 industries


Delivering more than 3 billion emails per year


More than 98% of success rate

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Marketing Information


关于邮件地址数据,这个问题常常会困扰很多企业。 倘若是几年前,这个问题便不是问题,曾经的邮件就是广撒网,无所谓许...


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根据亿业云营销平台的统计数据,亿业科技在2018年全年发送的邮件总量超过37亿,具体数据如下: 表 1:亿业云营销平台 E...


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随着微信功能日益强大,用户数量爆炸性增长,微信公众平台已然成为了品牌营销的新阵地。 低成本、即时互动性的微信公众平...


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