In order to protect legitimate rights and interests of Internet users in China, promote the healthy development of E-mail/SMS services, respond to the call for anti-spam criterion from the Inter-net Society of China, and promote the rational use of Internet resources and information systems, YIYE TECHNOLOGY as a leading online digital marketing service provider in China, has always advocated to establish and maintain the order and criterion of the Internet.

YIYE TECHNOLOGY strongly urges the enterprises and Internet users to seriously follow the Internet criterion and social morality, and be firmly opposed to any activities related to sending spam. YIYE TECHNOLOGY has been actively involved in formulation of service standards and criterions on intra-industry email. We believe that we can make a clean network environment for Internet netizen through our joint efforts.

Only permissive short messages or emails can be sent when we provide services for our clients. Customers are banned to send messages to users not registered via our system. YIYE TECHNOLOGY dose not buy or sell any information of emails or phones, and also not allow customers to use mailing lists or telephone numbers purchased from a third party on the YIYE TECHNOLOGY platform.

In addition, taking the E-mail as an example, YIYE TECHNOLOGY determines whether the object whom the customer will send to is a registered user through the anti-spam confirmation tools and methods, meanwhile, provides the registration form and unsubscribing services for customers, and only those valid subscribers will receive the email or SMS from YIYE TECHNOLOGY cloud platform. Our customers also have responsibilities and obligations to make information disclosure meeting with the legal norms and requirements to their users or potential users.

For any violation of anti-spam policy in the email/SMS list, YIYE TECHNOLOGY has the right to require the customer to confirm or to stop the current delivery request. The customers, who repeatedly make violation or don't correct under reminding, will lose the access to YIYE TECHNOLOGY cloud platform.

If the email address has been marked as "unsubscribed" or the cell phone number been assigned to the new user, YIYE TECHNOLOGY has the right to stop delivering mails/SMS to such address, and the customer has the responsibility to timely detect and filter the invalid address, and YIYE TECHNOLOGY shall not assume any liability to the failure delivery to invalid address.

Why do you receive the email or text messages from our system?

The Marketing E-mail and SMS delivered to you are sent by YIYE TECHNOLOGY on behalf of customers under their authorization. YIYE TECHNOLOGY is only as the undertaker of such delivery, and the real sender is our client. Our clients have proved that all messages and SMS sent through the YIYE TECHNOLOGY cloud platform are subjected to the permission of consumers. As mentioned above, YIYE TECHNOLOGY will never allow or want our customers to carry on non-permissive marketing.

Spam mail report

If you receive some sort of message from a sender whom you don't know, you can report to us that this email is a spam. After receiving your report, we will investigate, classify and take appropriate action according to the feedback. In addition, you can inform the ISP manufacturer through the convenient "spam reporting" mechanism provided via email services (such as QQ, 163, Hotmail, etc.) . ISP will judge the credibility of senders based on the above information, and we will regularly make the corresponding adjustment according to the behavior of the ISP.

How do I unsubscribe from the email list or text list?

Customers send every email with an "unsubscribing link" via YIYE TECHNOLOGY cloud platform, to realize the automatic unsubscribing from the receiver. The specific unsubscribing options are included in SMS for automatic unsubscribing, and you can also regularly change the subscribing content on your interest, then the sender will deliver the corresponding message according to your recent interest.

If you have any question about YIYE TECHNOLOGY’s anti-spam statement, please contact us via

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