The APP Push can timely send message reminder, receipt confirmation, special offers based on location etc. for you and customers to maintain close contact and communication
Pushing the right contents to the right crowd in the right scene greatly enhances the message click rate, user activity and retention rate

Positioning of Target Location

When the customers are in the range of your target location, use cold data portraits to screen the precise target crowd, deliver real time messages to the target customers


Real Time Push

Actively push "reminder", "order" or "discount" messages via mobile phone to enhance the customers’ transactions within APP, and further establish and improve the user portraits based on the regional numbers and the types of mobile devices


Automatically Reminding of APP Triggered Messages

Through the reminding service of APP triggered messages, automatically refresh the list or trigger a notification message, for example, sending an inventory replenishment notice or a simple account reminder

Diversity of Message Displays
Support for text, picture, multimedia
and other forms of presentations

Tracking every campaign and generating reports

By tracking the pushed messages and analyzing mobile application, understand how the user feedback. Able to know when the user opens your APP, how long the user has used the APP and where the user often uses it


Simple Integration

Simple SDK integration helps developers to quickly deploy and further focus on the main business, push data with automatic encryption, safe and secure


Technical Advantages

Client SDK uses customized protocol to maintain lasting connection, with low consumption of power and low data traffic, the server cloud services architecture can support high concurrency. The number of concurrent of the online devices is up to one million, with an effective reach of more than 99%

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