Email Template Design & Optimization

YIYE TECHNOLOGY is committed to the innovation of marketing automation

Online Editor

Visual template editor, a variety of industry templates for options, support for text, HTML5, picture, button, animation etc., meets the needs of different marketing campaigns


Personalized Label

Provide more than 100 multi-angle user personalized labels embedded to create highly personalized email contents or plates and support one-to-one personalized marketing content design


Adaptive Mobile Terminal

Email templates automatically adapt to different reading devices, whether the user is using PC, tablet or mobile phone, the best effect of email contents can be automatically displayed

Targeted Delivery to Audience

YIYE TECHNOLOGY focuses on creating multi-channel marketing system for enterprises

User Portrait Analysis

Automatic classification on the user’s behaviors according to the attributes and behaviors, such as gender, geographic location, browsing contents, reading frequency and so on

User Activity Analysis

System customized classification on the user's email activity according to their previous email behaviors, such as open frequency, click frequency, and the range of interest preferences

Email Delivery Behavior

Taking into account the user's portrait on the site and their activity in emails to develop the sending contents, cycle, and frequency of each type of email and ensure the delivery of the most relevant information to the user's inbox

API Connection

Provision of a variety of API interface call services (supporting Webservice and SMTP) to make your development more convenient and efficient, with AEM and other special interfaces available to the system. The system transmits information using SSL encryption to make your email more secure


Tracking & Optimization

We keep track of the behaviors of every email including arrival, opening, click, sharing, region, reading time etc., establish automatic data marketing reports, integrate and analyze the user’s behaviors from multiple marketing channels (SMS, APP Push), help you optimize marketing strategy to make every marketing campaign valuable and improve the ROI

Abundant Email Reports

The reports include delivery success rate, click rate, opening rate, conversion rate and other basic reports, and intelligent reports based on the analysis of reading time and user activity

A/B Sample Test

We conduct A/B sample test on the design and layout of email subject, title, sending date and time or contents, and send the automatically selected contents of the best sample effect to the user, helping to deliver the most attractive email marketing contents to you

YIYE TECHNOLOGY focuses on creating multi-channel marketing system for enterprises

Delivery Ability Guarantee

Mass Delivery

The server clusters at home and abroad send thousands of emails per second, guaranteeing delivery to the world timely, effectively and in the shortest time


Automated management

Automated management during the whole process, with the system intelligently tracking the sending effect of every email, timely giving feedback on the state and problems, making response and judgment, without manual intervention


Proprietary / Dedicated Channels

Equipped with dedicated channels for special accounts and designated tasks to ensure the credibility and fluency of the channels, automatic configuration is available in terms of the campaign plan and the nature of tasks

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