Notification SMS

Sending planned and triggered automatic notification SMS to trigger targeted information in a certain period of time or event

Message Push

Push alarm, transaction, discount and other triggering information, with the information delivered in seconds


Automated Notification

Instant and customized contents are automatically triggered to the customer at the right time according to the conditions set by the time or even



Reply messages, such as subscription/unsubscription, password recovery, standard service content promotion etc., are automatically triggered according to the customer's SMS replies

Triple Play
One-minute API connection
Count by successful deliveries

Marketing SMS

The latest products, services and other information of enterprises are sent in the form of mass texting to mobile phone users so as to achieve brand and product promotion

Create Templates

The system templates or customized templates can be used to quickly create SMS activities and support mass texting

Deliver by Classification

Personalized SMS with differentiation can be sent by the system automatically according to the classified characteristics of the members

Guide Users to Register & Use APP

SMS and APP are based on mobile applications, with APP download guidance easily provided in SMS to stimulate customers’ interest in downloading and using mobile APP. For example, sending relevant news, special offers, notifications etc. to promote the APP registration

Instant Sending
Instantaneous Spread
Personalized Delivery
Highly Targeted
Enhanced User Interaction
Improved Corporate Brand Image

SMS Advantages

Triple play, able to apply for exclusive access channel, with completely open API, easy integration, support for mass texting and real-time triggering SMS

User-friendly Interface

Able to manage multiple accounts, and simplify your mobile marketing strategy in a variety of channels

Efficient Delivery

Triple play, with websevers and HTTP interface used to package and send personalized SMS directly, speeding up the delivery of personalized SMS

Multi Marketing Channels Linkage

Multi-channel marketing integration, with email, SMS and APP Push linked once SMS reaches your customers

Personalized Delivery

Specific contents are generated by capturing customers’ preferences, behaviors, attributes, locations and languages etc

Data Security

SMS application service platform and database server are deployed separately, with encrypted data stored and servers of multistage disaster recovery

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