Our services include marketing methods and results via specific channels, and cover the entire product line of YIYE cloud
such as email marketing, SMS marketing and APP Push

Our aim is to continue to develop new products, make full use of the functions of our latest products
to meet the changing marketing needs

Marketing Planning & Optimization


The full range of marketing services based on the user’s life cycle can offer help to your marketing campaigns, including bringing big ideas, promoting the participation, and establishing the enterprise brand. The use of the automated marketing platform of YIYE cloud can achieve the seamless connection with channel promotion, and ensure the quality of campaigns far above the industry standard


Develop realistic digital marketing plans based on business needs and help you implement quantifiable marketing results


BI monitoring and analysis, multi-dimensional and multi-angle analysis. For example, regarding the campaign effect, our consulting team will regularly analyze your marketing objectives, find the next step for maintaining or improving, and jointly achieve your marketing goals

Product Support Services

Understanding of products

You can obtain free access to product documentation and information by the ways of subscription to Newsletter, telephone counseling or free trial application etc., and understand what you need about the features and characteristics of YIYE cloud products. For regular customers, our full-time staff will explain the latest product features and give presentation, provide one-to-one guidance for you to understand our products and platforms, and also provide on-site training services

Localization Deployment & Product Cloud Services Platform

Support for localization deployment & product cloud services platform, dual optional Customized system design, either the cloud services or the product transplant services can be tailored to your needs

Technical Assistance

YIYE Technical Center

Provide 7*24 of seamless connection services, it is not only a call center for product service, and also the security center for your marketing campaigns, guaranteeing the normal operation of your marketing campaigns all the time and maintaining profitability

System Connection

System connection: provide standard interface of smtp and webservice, and customized interface development

Whitelisting Services

Provide QQ mailbox, NetEase mailbox, Sina mailbox and other easy access, and Smtp independent trigger channel, only for the exclusive use of the recorded companies

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